Global Girlfriend Organic Cotton Hip Hugger Panties


Pros: Very Comfy, not as expensive, semi-cute

Cons: still costs more than non-organic, nothing fancy

I actually found these on a Breast Cancer site where each purchased item funds 1% of a mammogram.  Plus these are actually made in India by a group of nuns who employ under-privileged women.  So just purchasing them makes a difference.

Plus they are organic cotton!  They are very simple, just plain with a small elastic band (latex free -which is good because I'm allergic).

They are super comfortable and very soft.  Mine are probably a little loose, but I figure they will shrink in the wash.  I went by their measurement guide (measuring the hips where the top of the panties would sit) and then I went down a size, and probably could have gone down 2 sizes, but I don't like tight clothes.  For example, my measurement was almost 36" which the site says would be a XXL, but I ordered the XL.  (which still sounds too big, I do have hips, but I weigh under 120 and have always been considered "petite") So head's up on that sizing gap.  I wear a size 7 jeans and have curvy hips, so if you are less curvy then you might go down 2 sizes.  So far I am happy with the XL.

I started my search for panties and was shocked to find price tags averaging $20 for organic brands.  That is excessive to me, I used to buy a 5 pack for $10 at Wal-Mart.  But I am trying to be more conscious and this is the best deal I found, plus some of your payment goes to some really good causes!

I will update this review after I have put them through a couple of wash cycles and determine whether or not the cotton will shrink.  I'm also thinking of line drying one pair and tumble drying the other to see how much of a difference that makes.  Anything to get you guys the perfect review.
Global Girlfriend Organic Cotton Hip Hugger Panties

Make a difference -- even in your underwear! Sublimely soft, certified organic cotton is used to make these superbly comfortable panties, offered in three classic colors. Produced in the Tamil Nadu region of India by a cooperative of Franciscan nuns -- pioneers in the manufacturing of organic cotton garments. Our purchase helped their co-op employ and care for 120 women who are either handicapped or economically disadvantaged. Aside from employment, the seamstresses receive training, support, meals, and housing. Choose from Black, Storm Blue, or White. Hips measure around: S - 26" (66 cm), M - 28" (71 cm), L - 31" (79 cm), XL - 32" (81 cm), XXL - 35" (89 cm). Created to help women worldwide gain economic security for themselves and their families by earning fair wages for their handiwork, Global Girlfriend sources women-made, fair-trade imported, eco-friendly products. By supporting long-term partnerships with the artisans, it fosters equal employment opportunities, healthy and safe working conditions, technical assistance, and development strategies to help reduce poverty, one community at a time. Become a "Global Girlfriend" and help build a brighter future for girlfriends around the globe!

Additional FeaturesBlack, Storm Blue, White
Materialcertified organic cotton
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