Global Electric Motorcars GEM e2 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Alternative Local Transportation


Pros: Used as a second car it eliminates numerous ICE cold starts for those short trips around town. Gets lots of attention.

Cons: Noisy, bouncy. Gets lots of attention.

I bought the GEM for a second car and sold the ICE second car. My community is well suited for this use and I even built a small trailer for the GEM to accomodate shopping and to provide a platform for parade floats. The grandkids love it! The GEM meets my requirements quite well. It has pretty good performance both in speed and endurance within the context of this community and my transportation needs. I agree however with the description I read somewhere that it's like driving a basketball. It also is quite noisy. I bought a radio for it but can't use it due to the motor and differential noise. (yes I have replaced the differential oil). I can, if I wish, also use the GEM on...
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Negative Reviews


I hate this thing!


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Slow, Small

I die laughing every time I see one of these things trying to make it over a hill.