GladRags Cotton Pads


Pros: reusable, saves money, pretty, comfortable -feels like just undies, customizable for flow

Cons: can be bulky, cost more than other cloth pads,

If you've not used cloth pads before, I'd certainly suggest GladRags or similar.. mainly because these types you can alter the thickness to suit your personal output. 


They can be used with no filler as pantyliners or with 1 or more fillers to accommodate your flow heaviness.   The customizable nature of them are great for females switching to cloth because there is a slight learning-curve to the amount of cloth is needed to absorb properly... it is Not the same as using a "regular" pad.  Normally a cloth pad does not need to be s thick or bulky as a standard pad.


Cloth pads tend to be much more comfortable... it feels like underwear against your skin rather than the plasticy/non-cloth feel of single-use pads.  Also, no mishaps of adhesive areas getting twisted and sticking to you. -That sweatiness and/or chaffing that occurs at times with the plastics of other pads isn't there when using cloth.


They also definitely save you money over time.


The cloth patterns are varied and are just more pleasant to have to look at and use than standard pads.


Pros: Reusable, available in organic undyed cotton

Cons: Liners are a hassle

These were the first cloth pads that I bought.  I use them mainly as backup to my Keeper/Diva cups.  They have snaps on the wings to attach to your undies, and then the bottom of them opens up so you can insert and remove additional liners.   I find the liners to be a lot more trouble than they are worth.  These pads (without the liners) are really two layers of cotton fabric- a top one, and then the back with the slit.  Without liners, they work well for backup/light days, but if you need the liners, I would buy a different brand (like Party In My Pants).  I also find the fact that there is the opening in the back for liners to be problematic sometimes, as it doesn't always stay shut to offer a second layer of protection.


I feel some loyalty to this brand as they were my first, but when I reach in the drawer, I tend to go for the Party In My Pants ones instead. 

GladRags Cotton Pads

GladRags all cotton reusable day pads are a healthy alternative to disposable feminine protection. Lasting 5+ years, GladRags are easy on the wallet, while also using minimal resources. 1 GladRag = 1 Holder and 2 Inserts GladRags holders are made out of cotton flannel fitted with a snap and “envelope” for the inserts. GladRags inserts consist of super absorbent terry cloth and flannel.

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