GIVE Energy


Pros: gentle carbonation, no gross flavor

Cons: lacking some flavor

I've had a few of the give energy drinks and I liked both of them. Unlike most energy drinks (think the non-green kind...) the flavors weren't too much smack you in the mouth but rather far more subtle. Also the carbonation was extremely gentle which was really pleasant. The flavor left a little to be desired though as it was only mediocre in that category, and the price point was like 3.50 which is reasonable for energy drinks I guess.

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GIVE Energy

GIVE Energy is an all-natural blend of natural caffeine, yerba mate, and guarana, which combine to give you a clean sustainable boost of healthy energy. We also include our "brain energy" blend of herbs and botanicals like gingko biloba, gotu kola, and rhodiola rosea to stimulate your mind, enhance memory, and improve concentration. GIVE's original formula is sweetened with pure cane sugar and contains nothing artificial, and GIVE Lite is sweetened with all natural stevia and agave. Best of all, with every can of GIVE Energy sold, we donate a dime ($0.10) to local grassroots sustainable and alternative energy projects/initiatives, like solar panels and wind turbines.

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