Gilden Tree Foot Scrubber


Can't endorse this guy highly enough.  Great on my feetsies.


Pros: It works well, very well. It's affordable too.

Cons: Not made locally, but still eco-friendly and provides education to women that make it.

Not to be gross, but I walk around barefoot all the time and a bit pronated (working on correcing this) so my toes have these hard nasty rough calluses on them. I've lived with these calluses for a long time for two reasons:  I'm use to having them and because in the past the tools I have used to help me soften them have not been so helpful. Now to be honest, my calluses don't really bother me, they make me feel safer when walking barefoot (No, I wont put on shoes!), but the rough skin I sometimes get ontop or around the callus is bothersome to me as well as to my husband who think my feet are so pretty, "expect for the calluses on my two big toes". I've tried pumice rocks. To me using the  pumic rock is equivalent to scratching a chalkboard with fingernails to someone else. I can't stand it. I've tried the nail file too, but that does nothing for my calluses except create a mess. I've tried the lotion and the socks at night, but its a slow and time consuming process for my busy scedule. I also always forgt to do it. The first time I tired the Gilden Tree Foot Scrubber I was happily impressed. I saw and felt results immediately and continued to see and feel them there after. I haven't even used it with the cleanins gel yet and I'm impressed. This is by far my favorite tool for softening calluses. I scrub with the rough side, then I buff and smooth with the other side. The results are wonderful. I am also impressed with the company and what they have done for the women that make these Foot Scrubbers.

Gilden Tree Foot Scrubber

Foot Scrubber Terra Cotta Pumice. This too works incredibly well on dry skin and calluses, and its hand crafted, sun-dried and kiln-fired so it never wears out!

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