Gilden Tree 95% Shea Butter Balm Reviews


Silky Smooth


Pros: moisturizes and smells FANTASTIC

Cons: ?

 I was lucky enough to receive a little trio of Gilden Tree products recently. While I have not yet had the time for a home pedicure (foot scrub/foot lotion), I couldn't wait to try out the shea butter. All three products smell lovely - fresh and aquatic <if that makes any sense. In fact, it reminds me of a clean and wonderful smelling man. That might sound a little weird - ok, yeah, it does.  Basically, I enjoy the fragrance - light, clean, refreshing with a subtle resemblance to a masculine scent. It's not deterring me from using the product - at all - I just thought I would point that out.  Can't wait for my pedicure!!

very nourishing

I use this for my chapped hands and it does a great job. I would say it is very healing, but tends to be oily so it's better used before going to bed or something. I like the short ingredient list and the fragrance is very subtle and pleasant. It reminds me of men's products (it doesn't say what it is though).