Gerber Vinyl Pants


Pros: cheap, elastic on leg keeps in leaks

Cons: have to keep eye open for rips

These are the covers that I use overnight.  The elastic waist and legs keep in leaks, especially for those that move around alot in their sleep.


Pros: works and cheap

Cons: 100% vinyl

This is defenitly a great cheap option for diapering covers. They also work over swim diapers. They work and right now are a life saver in that my son hasn't figured out how to pull them down, but can pull the velcro off on other diaper wraps. These are also great because they are a larger fit then other wraps for the same leg and waist fitting and so work great for putting on over over-stuffed cloth diapers for overnight or nap times.

Gerber Vinyl Pants

Gerber Pullon Vinyl Pants - If your looking for an inexpensive substitute to diaper covers for your baby and are willing to diaper using diaper pins or Snappis these plastic pants will do the job. These are also very popular for use with the Gerber Training Pants. Many swimming pool operators now require a plastic pant over a swim diaper for children 3 and younger. Made of 100% vinyl they are soft and flexible for babies comfort. The elastic in the legs and waist is covered by a soft and comfortable nylon.

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