Gentle Care Cheeky Clean Diaper Area Cleanser Reviews

Great for Sensitive Skin!


Pros: Helps with Diaper Rash, Gentle on Sensitive Skin, Smells Great

I started using this spray in conjunction with and my daughters persistent teething rash was completely gone with in 2 diaper changes!  My daughter has really sensitive skin and this is great because you don't even have to rub it on.  You can just spritz it directly on the skin.  My daughter actually giggles when I do this to her.  It has a pleasant, calming scent and it's quick & easy to use. Special Note for Cloth Diaper Mama's:  Don't forget to use a cloth (like a wash cloth) as a barrier between your baby & the diaper, to prevent repelancy issues with your diapers.  The oils in this product can and will block...
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