Generic (or name brand) Baking Soda Reviews




Pros: works amazingly

Cons: CHEAP!!!!

I was so thrilled when I finally tried this method of washing hair! i have very long, very thick, very rediculously curly hair and this works better then any expensive or shampoo/condition i've found period.i put the baking soda in my hands and then get it wet and apply to wet hair at the roots and work it down, i add more if it feels like i need to. after i have it worked about halfway down my hair i rinse it all out. then i take a cup of white vinegar (some use ap, i use white, the only difference i notice is the cost- the smell evaporates when the hair is dry) and i dip the end in the cup and then poor the rest over the rest of my hair and work it through with my hands.i let is sit in...
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