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A Review On: GE Soft White Energy Smart Spiral T2 CFL

GE Soft White Energy Smart Spiral T2 CFL

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Pros: nice bright light, less watts used, will last longer

Cons: some don't last longer, two different kinds of light

We stocked up on these and changed the whole house over in the beginning of October.  If you're not careful, as the boxes aren't marked well, there are two different kinds of light.  One is a yellow tint light and the other a blue.  I honestly prefer the blue, but between me and my man buying them we ended up with a mixture and sometimes we have to play musical bulbs because we don't want to mix them in a room.  I do notice they last longer...we need the electrical better updated in this house anyway.  Some of them go out just as quick as the incandescent, but I think that's a fault on our end.  It is a bit pricy, but supposedly worth it in the long run.  I feel better about doing it.


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