GE Soft White Energy Smart Spiral T2 CFL Reviews

Nice Energy Saver


Pros: nice bright light, less watts used, will last longer

Cons: some don't last longer, two different kinds of light

We stocked up on these and changed the whole house over in the beginning of October.  If you're not careful, as the boxes aren't marked well, there are two different kinds of light.  One is a yellow tint light and the other a blue.  I honestly prefer the blue, but between me and my man buying them we ended up with a mixture and sometimes we have to play musical bulbs because we don't want to mix them in a room.  I do notice they last longer...we need the electrical better updated in this house anyway.  Some of them go out just as quick as the incandescent, but I think that's a fault on our end.  It is a bit pricy, but supposedly worth it in the long run.  I feel better about doing it.

not as bad as you think


Pros: lights

Cons: dark to bright

I was very iffy to purchase these because I thought they were bad to your health...I found out that they are made better now and they don't have much lead at all...and what they do have it doesn't escape out of the bulb. I think they are ok and eco friendly but I honestly prefer the lighting from the old fashioned bulb. These take a few minutes to get to their full brightness and they don't seem to light up a room to my liking.

good for conservation, bad for health


Pros: saves money

Cons: hazardous if broken, poor light quality

I like the fact that these use far less energy, but I have to say I'm not liking the mercury idea.  I never even thought of the mercury...and one fell and broke.  Thinking nothing of it, I swept it up and threw it away.  A couple of weeks later, I learned they contain mercury, and if you break one you should wear gloves, pick up the pieces with newspaper or something that can be tossed, close it up in a plastic sack, and treat is hazardous waste!!!!  And then use a wet cloth to wipe the area where it broke.  I thought, "are you serious?!?!  Nice to know that now rather than 2 weeks ago!"  They need to be made safer, without the use of mercury, before they will get my 5 stars. 

Great way to save energy!!!


Pros: Your elecrticity bill decreases!!!

These light bulbs are all throughout my house!!! Not only are they energy efficient, but your electricity bill decreases! The work just as good as the old light bulbs except this time your saving energy and money!



Pros: Great light, less energy

Cons: delay after the switch is turned on

We have replaces a few of the bulbs in our house to these GE Energy smart. They work well, nice clean light and they last forever. The only problem is that the spiral design is too wide and tall for the old-school lampshades that our lamps have.

sweet deal


Pros: great light, helps to save energy

Cons: Can take a second to actually turn on. though its worth saving the planet

I use these bulbs everywhere in my house. though it does take some time to turn on, it is well worth it to help save the environment.  



Pros: saves energy.

Cons: they take a little while to get bright.

I enjoy these light bulbs but they take some getting use to.  I have replaced all most all of my bulbs.  I hope that they will come up with other sizes sometime soon.

Love 'em

My roommates tend to leave a lot of lights on around the house so I figured I'd give these a try to save some on the power bill, and the fact that they're more environmentally friendly certainly helps. I may have to try a higher wattage rating in some rooms, but overall I'm extremely satisfied! By the way, the price listed was for a six pack of bulbs.

Compact Fluorescent - Good as Gold


Pros: Energy Efficient

Cons: Light emittance takes some getting used to

I love this product and buy them in bulk for storage just in case a light bulb goes out. But what I love about this CFL is that is lasts a long, long time, I haven't changed one yet. They are also energy efficient and emit more light than I was expecting!

Great product!


Pros: Long lasting, nice light

Cons: getting used to the weird 'warm up' glow...but not a biggie

I bought these lightbulbs back in 2005. I still have all of them, except for one I dropped. (Whoops.) They even survived a move to a new house. I love them. After hearing some of the mercury information it makes me slightly nervous, but I only have them in my overhead lights now, so they aren't likely to break. (The one I broke was in a lamp. I no longer use the lamp) They do have a weird dim light when you first turn them on, but a few seconds later they are nice and bright. It takes a bit of getting used to when you first switch over.