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GE Hybrid Water Heater

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Cons: Many

I have three issues with this unit.

1. I recently built a new home and I tried to use products that were energy efficient, so I purchased a GE Hybrid water heater as an efficient means of heating our water. Almost from the start the unit has been plagued by problems. It's been leaking oil for months and I contacted GE to let them know and no response. Now the unit has an error code. The technician has so far replaced the main board and two sensors. That didn't work so now they are going to replace the evaporator coil and thermal expansion valve. These guy's are trying their best, but they have no clue as to the problem that is happening. I spoke to a GE rep to see if they could do something and their response was NO. The unit has to be declared un-repairable first.

I spent $1700 on a unit that hasn't given me any efficiencies thus far.

2. This unit is it is not meant for colder climates. This unit is installed in a house heated by a heat pump and in order for the unit to generate heat it has to take the heat generated by my heat pump and use that to heat the water resulting in zero savings.

3. 50 gallons is not big enough for a family of four. I have to install a 40 gallon along side of this unit to meet the demands of our family.

Overall I am very dissatisfied with the GE Hybrid water heater and GE in general for marketing a such a product for Canada. I would almost go so far as saying it's false advertising.


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