GE GEPV-100 100W Photovoltaic Module Reviews


Wonderful panels for a small-to-medium system


Pros: Great 12V battery chargers, ease of installation

Cons: Discontinued item

I really have nothing negative to say about my pair of GE PV-100s. The only problem is that they don't make them anymore so you have to find someone with a stockpile (mine came from They come with MC cables as positive and negative leads so they're a snap to install. They went on their Two Seas mount with a little bit of help (had to drill some holes, but that was my mistake in how I placed the mount, GE did their job fine). Each produces a nice amount of power (about 6 amps max) so one or two charges a good-sized 12V battery before long. I was satisfied with the power from these though I did end up adding a couple of BP 350's to the system later. That...
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