GE Daylight Energy Smart Spiral T3 Reviews

Positive Reviews

Miles Berkland


Awesome color. Awesome lighting. From what I remember awesome price. Available @ Target and plenty of others!   5-star review for a 5-star product!

Negative Reviews


Waste of money


Cons: expensive and useless

I bought the GE Helical energy efficient bulbs and 5 yes FIVE of them have burned out.  They were in different light fixtures so it is not the fixture.  These bulbs are expensive and useless.  I tried to save money on electric energy and ended up wasting my money on these 'long lasting, energy efficient' bulbs that burned out faster than the old incandescent bulbs.  I will certainly look for another brand in the future.

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Work great


Pros: Not as much delay, fit in most lamps

Cons: Can't think of any

I believe that the first group of these light bulbs I got were Sylvania, and there was a short delay before they would come on. The GE seems to come on a biy faster. But I have lost nothing by switching!

I love it.


Pros: turns on fast, brighter than you think

 I replaced about half of our home's bulbs with this, We have a new home and it's amazing how many lightbulbs they manage to put in! You figure, cutting from a 60 watt bulb to a 15 watt, that's a quarter of the power! And I have not noticed missing "light" from our home. Granted they aren't cheap yet but they aren't bad!I think this is a GREAT product!

Great Money Saving Bulbs


Pros: don't emit carbon monoxide

Cons: could be brighter

I love that these bulbs help the environment however I wish they were brighter!

GE CFL Light Bulbs


Pros: Less energy consumption, lasts longer,good quality light

Cons: expenisve, contains mercury

I bought these at my local hardware store for about $5 a piece which is expensive, but will save you in the long run. CFL's last longer and are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs (which I am sure everyone here already knows). The downside to the enviro is that they contain mercury, so if one breaks you wan to take the proper precautions... you can read about how to clean up broken CFL's on our site at

Trying to reduce my carbon emissions


Pros: Great light, long-lasting

Cons: Expensive!!! Sometimes don't fit with fixtures.

As my regular light bulbs burn out, I'm replacing them with these. I like the light that is emitted from them, but I've had some trouble getting them to fit inside light fixtures. They are larger than regular bulbs, so sometimes won't fit right. It's worth the little inconvenience, though, to know that I'm buying a longer-lasting bulb.

Have One


Pros: Runs cooler, Bright

Cons: Can be blinding if you look into it

I am a grad student, so I don't have many lights in my apartment to begin with. Even so, I bought one, for the lamp I most often use. As they are more expensive than the regular light bulbs, I have only bought one so far. The good thing is that my lamp now runs much cooler than with my previous bulb (which got quite hot). It also turns out that these are very bright. I don't really need another lamp to light up my room they are so bright. The downside: if I look into the light, I feel "blinded" so to speak. Otherwise, I like what I see.

Crazy Bulbs


Pros: Incredibly high quality light

Cons: Incredibly high quality light

Before you purchase these bulbs, make sure they're what you're looking for. As bulbs have been burning, I've been replacing them with CFLs. When I was picking up a four pack of new bulbs a higher quality 'daylight' model seemed like a good idea. Who doesn't want to use more 'sun-like' light whenever possible? Well...when installed them near other rooms with more traditional 'soft' lights installed, it's quite hilarious. People actually made comments like 'is it still daytime in the other room?' and 'do you have a tanning salon in there?' I think if the entire home used this style of light, it'd be great...
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