GE 15W Dimmable CFL Reviews


Not very usable


Pros: Saves energy

Cons: Dimming is extremely limited, EXPENSIVE

The only fixture in my house still using incandescents hangs over my dining table. Since the fixture is controlled by a dimming switch, I looked into dimmable bulbs but found them to be extremely hard to find and quite expensive. I replaced only 1 of the 5 bulbs in this fixture and tried it out. At full power, it worked as any CFL would, but at anything less, it buzzed and flickered. As far as dimming, it basically was either full light, next to no light, or a paltry a glowing ember. Since the color was way off from the other bulbs and it's performace was so disappointing, it went right back to Target (who, apparently, does not like taking back light bulbs!) I had hoped for a...
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Cons: short dimming range

Be aware the dimming range is rather limited; will not perform nearly as well at lower desired light levels.