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gDiaper Biodegradable Flushable Diaper Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great diaper


Pros: can use cloth or disposable

Cons: you need to double up the inserts for overnight

We have had these diapers for about a year now. Our son was in his mediums for about 10 months before we had to go up to the large. We love how versatile these diapers are, we use cloth in them when we are home and the disposable inserts when we are traveling. The disposable inserts are fabulous for little ones with sensitive skin. These are the best disposables we could find for our little one's really sensitive skin. The diapers also hold up really well. We passed our mediums on to my sister for her little one and she loves them too. gDiapers is also a very helpful company, please if you have any questions don't hesitate to call them. We called them when we first bought our diapers to...
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Great Concept


Pros: Easy for Travel, Simple to use, Eco Friendly, Awesome Quality

Cons: price for inserts

I actually started out using only Gdiapers in the beginning, and I have had a great experience.  They are great to use for traveling and running errands.  I love that they are sooo simple to use, and enviro friendly at the same time.  The velcro tabs fastening in the back is a genius idea as they learn quickly how to take their diapers off :)  The only downside of them is the pricing on the actual flushable inserts.  Alot of mom's turn to cloth/semi cloth diapering to also save money.  I think Gdiaper is such a great product overall, and would and will buy them in the future!

Negative Reviews


Don't Bother.....Use cloth instead


Pros: cute, partially disposable

Cons: expensive, wear easily, worst of both worlds (cloth vs. disposable), LEAK

These diapers convinced me to switch to cloth. I received a "starter package" as a baby shower gift and was initially very excited to get started. Immediately I noticed the g-diapers leaked, and I mean LEAKED. I verifed I was putting them on correctly but still woke up to a pee-soaked baby. After doing some research on cloth diapering, I came to the conclusion that the g-diapers are totally pointless. Not only do you have to deal with washing the covers, but then you constantly have to purchase the absurdly expensive disposable liners (which can be found online or at pricey yuppie health food stores). It's really the worst of both worlds. Not only do cloth diapers (I prefer Happy Heiny's...
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Green but child's waist is red


Pros: Great concept, decent absorption, landfill friendly

Cons: pricey, velco rubs child's waist

 My wife purchased the gdiaper system to resolve to be more green in 2009.  These diapers are perfect in concept, but frankly, in the end, I think the price and energy that go into them personally and system-wise (ie, you can flush them) may be a wash and/or loss.  I don't love the idea of diapers sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years, but maybe there is another alternative.   First--the absorbancy of these is nowhere near Pampers or regular diapers.  We had to change out 11 month old 2x during the night.  The inserts are on-par, if not more expensive than regular diapers, plus the outlay for for the outer shell/plastic liners.  Basically, you need one on standby and ready if you...
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More Reviews


Great but too expensive


Pros: wonderful, flushable, soft at the legs, can put cloth

Cons: a little rough insert, too expensive

These diapers are wonderful if you can afford to use the g inserts. I actually do use the outers though for a cloth insert that I made. I would buy the g inserts if they werent too expensive...I actually do buy it sometimes and use them for a disneyland trip. They are way easier and you dont have to carry lots of pee diapers all day. Plus I do worry about people stealing my others there...ha ha.



Pros: great for road trips so you don'thave to do laundry.

Cons: The inserts can get pricey.

These diapers are great for traveling. The starter kit is very affordable and enough for short road trips. I like to use these diapers for road trip, because it reduce my laundry load when we return. The down side is that the inserts can get very pricey and really don't help in the economic side of cloth diapering.

Great Diaper


Pros: Easy to use, fun colors and good value

Cons: Can be a bit messy at times

I love these diapers.They fit my daughter well, are easy to use and allow her bottem to breathe so she does not get as many rashes.They make me feel good that I'm not putting more waste into a land fill.

Love gDiapers!!!


Pros: Super easy, eco friendly, cute

I absolutely love gDiapers.  They are how i transitioned from disposables and I still use them now even with full cloth at home!  The idea of a hybrid diaper is genius!  I can use flushable/compostable inserts while out on the go for the ease and convenience, and still feel great about not loading landfills with petrofilled diapers.  Cloth inserts at home make these a breeze too!

A time and a place


Pros: compostable, cute

Cons: not good for long stretches, inserts about the same price as a diaper

I loved the idea of the gDiaper long before I was even pregnant so when I had my baby I was determined to give them a try.  I'm happy I did.  They aren't perfect but they work really well when you are at home and not expecting a big poop.  I use them during the day (though we've made it through the night) and usually just at home (though I've also had sucess using them on the go - just requires having one or two prepped beforehand so you are messing around with the inserts.)  They aren't really absorbant enough for overnight and they don't stand up to poop as well as a disposible.  That said, I love that I can compost the non-poopy inserts and I like that they aren't full of chemicals.  I...
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Using the covers (lil' g pants) for my prefolds now


Pros: you can use cloth prefolds for them too

Cons: pricey

My husband and I ordered a bulk amount from their website, which came out to a whopping $60+ for about 128 in the medium! I really love the concept of these flushable dipes, but they are not cheap! We recently discovered that the Nugget grocery market up the street sells the starter packs, which come with 2 little g pants (covers) and 4 snap in liners, and 10 pads (the flushable dipe).  I have to agree with "Olof." ..if you are going to purchase more covers, just save yourself some $ and keep getting the started packs.  They come out cheaper in the end, since each cover is about 18 bucks and you get 2 in each pack plus 10 flushable dipes for about 27 bucks incl. tax.  So it's like you get...
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nice but.....


Pros: Eco friendly, cute, possible to turn into a true cloth.

Cons: Pricey inserts and covers for what you get, the waist band is to wide.

I didn't end up using these as much as I would have liked to. I started using them when my little boy was only 2 weeks old because before that it was to high for his belly button. He also was to skinny for it and would pee out the sides of the thing all the time. I was breastfeeding so he was pooping all the time so I was hand washing the covers because I only had 4 and that was way not when he was pooping so often. This might be really nice in the larger sizes for older kids that do not poo more than 2-3 times a day. It is cheaper to get the starter boxes than it is to buy the covers separately. I like my cloths a lot better than these. I might convert these into cloth diaper covers for...
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