Garden Gourmet Composter


Pros: one stop shop

Cons: price, difficult to use

This might be a good introduction to composting and is certainly better than nothing, it works, but the doors are hard to open, the black plastic gets really hot in zone 6, it's hard to "fluff" and yes, you still need to fluff. Price wise it was cheaper than most, but still not cheap! I'm gonna stretch out on a limb and say a tube of garden fence 3 cubic feet might be just as effective and a heck of a lot cheaper, now if they would just put that and some garden stakes in a package and market it! 

Garden Gourmet Composter

Constructed from 100% recycled UV-resistant polyethylene, this composter is a convenient garden accessory. Its design makes it one of the most efficiet composters for kitchen and yard waste. The easy access lid, adjustable air vents and sliding bottom exit door make it easy to use. No tools are required for assembly - the panels snap together. Composting and users guide included. Overall Dimensions: 23"W x 23"L x 40"H and weighs about 28 pounds.

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TypeOutdoor bin
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Garden Gourmet Composter25918263