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A Review On: Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax Compact Fluorescent Lights

Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax Compact Fluorescent Lights

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Pros: saves energy

Cons: slow to light, color temp incorrect, unrealistic CRI

Paid an arm and leg for these supposedly high CRI CLFs in both flood types and A shaped types.  What a mistake.  It takes more than a full minute to come on.   Thus, quick lighting application like dark hallways is not even possible as it comes on after passing through the hallway mostly in the dark.  It's not good for the office either because it make humming noise like a factory floor.  The "daylight" advertising is mostly a scam because the actual light when measured against daylight is actually much closer to blue than natural light at noon time.  Color temperature was supposed to be around 5500K but it was over 6500K.  In the closet, the only place I can use it, my socks look like a right color match to my pants.  However, under a bright sunlight I am wearing dark brown socks with charcoal gray pants.  I thought these were supposed to have high CRI????

Mostly though, its the price of these outrageously expensive bulbs that negate any kind of energy saving possibility.  They cost more than thee times what a fine incandescent bulbs would cost and payback period from the energy savings for that kind of idiotic investment would take more than 10 years to recoup. 


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