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Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax Compact Fluorescent Lights Reviews

Positive Reviews


Quality value


Pros: Environmentaly friendly, nice quality light

Cons: Not enough sizes, not recommended for reccessed fixtures

This company has a LEED factory and makes CFL's that use amalgam technology.  Most consumers will complain about the slow start but that is because they do not use liquid mercury.  All of the lamps in the retail stores use liquid mercury.  You get what you pay for!  Highest Green Mark you can get.  If you are and Eco nut this is the one.

Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax CFLs


Pros: Energy efficient, Light That matches daylight, High quality CFLs

I installed 6 of the BlueMax 16w R20 flood lights from Full Spectrum Solutions in my living room. I cannot believe the beautiful light output these bulbs produce. I'm going to be switching the rest of the house over as soon as possible. I placed a phone order and the staff was courteous plus very informative. I recommend Full Spectrum Solutions to anyone out there looking for high quality CFLs.

Full Spectrum Solutions CFLs

I purchased a dozen of Full Spectrum Solutions CFLs; I put them in the most frequestly used fixtures in my home; not only is the color and clarity of the light produced by these bulb amazing; but I've also save about $15-$20 per month on my electric bill since installing them The bulbs are all going strong even in a fixture that I was replacing an incandescent bulb in almost monthly! I recently purchased a BlueMax 42w reading lamp from Full Spectrum Solutions and am absolutely delighted with this product too.

Negative Reviews


Unreliable Company


Pros: Compact Fluorescent energy savings

Cons: Not reliable and company won't stand behind its products

I purchased many bulbs to save on the shipping costs.  The 60 watt equivalents are ok but do not give near the 10,000 hour service life advertised.  The first two 75 watt equivalents lasted between 2 and 2.5 years.  The next 75 watt equivalent bulb lasted about 2 weeks or far less than 200 hours.  When I contacted the company their response was that I should have checked the bulb out immediately and since more than 2 years had passed since the purchase date they could do nothing.  Because none of the bulbs lasted near the rated service life and the last bulb was good for less than 1/50th of the service life, these bulbs are quite expensive and not what was paid...
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Overpriced garbage


Pros: saves energy

Cons: slow to light, color temp incorrect, unrealistic CRI

Paid an arm and leg for these supposedly high CRI CLFs in both flood types and A shaped types.  What a mistake.  It takes more than a full minute to come on.   Thus, quick lighting application like dark hallways is not even possible as it comes on after passing through the hallway mostly in the dark.  It's not good for the office either because it make humming noise like a factory floor.  The "daylight" advertising is mostly a scam because the actual light when measured against daylight is actually much closer to blue than natural light at noon time.  Color temperature was supposed to be around 5500K but it was over 6500K.  In the closet, the only place I can use it, my socks look like a...
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Not too impressed


Pros: Good, crisp light...eventually

Cons: Too bright at full power, takes too long

I got one as a free gift, the enclosed indoor CFL.  I already use a different brand of CFL everywhere else in my house, and they are on the dim side, but I don't need much light at night.  In fact, the only reason I turn on lights is to find something I'm looking for or if I'm in the bathroom or kitchen.  This is where the problem is, I first put it in my office and if I need to find something in there, I would have to turn on the light, then walk away and do something else for a little while, then come back after the bulb is fully bright.  It's not just dim, I can barely tell that it is on sometimes.  When it is fully bright, it is almost too bright.  I guess it could come in handy if I...
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More Reviews


Bit of a strange bulb


Pros: bright, well-protected

Cons: white light, hums, not immediately bright

Huddler hooked me up with one of these bulbs as an Action Team member.  I got the one pictured furthest to the right, which has an ovular dome surrounding the bulb.  They normally cost around $11-14. One issue with this bulb is that it often takes 10-15 seconds to reach full brightness.  I've heard that this is sometimes the case with CFLs, but all the ones I've previously used are bright almost immediately.  Another odd feature is that this bulb has an audible hum.  That's a feature you normally expect from an LED, which have fans to keep them cool, but not normal for a CFL.  It's not loud, but it is audible.  And finally, the light from the bulb is quite white, kind of reminiscent of...
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Full Spectrum Solutions

Our office recently installed full spectrum solutions lighting, and wow what a difference it made! The brightness of the light really keeps everyone up and alert rather than our older flouresent lights that seemed to wash everything out. Also I found out how Full Spectrum Solutions is the leading innovator of energy-efficient ligting. Its a win-win!

Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax CFLs


Pros: Excellent color and light output compared to other CFLs

Cons: Would be nice if they offered globe style lamps

I have been using Full Spectrum Solutions products throughout my home for over three years.  Most of the original CFLs that I purchased are still running strong today.  The bright white color keeps the house looking vibrant even at night.  A year or so ago we placed our home up for sale and the realtor suggested we switch them out for warmer lamps, it was horrible and even the kids were complaining so we quickly switched back to the BlueMax lamps.  We also own one of their torchieres in the living room and a floor lamp in the home office.  I highly recommend Full Spectrum Solutions products both for the energy saving aspects as well as the quality of light output.

Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax Compact Fluorescent Bulbs


Pros: bright lighting, energy-effificent, manufactured with an eco-friendly state of mind

Cons: A bit pricey - but their ENERGY STAR APPROVED

I've been using Full Spectrum Solutions lighting since 2007 and haven't stopped since. Their BlueMax Compact Fluorescent Bulbs is the first lighting product tried from this company. The BlueMax CFLs are bright white lighting and are great for the home. They come in Spiral, A-series, floods, and Par's. I only purchased the spiral and A-series and love them. My home lighting is all white lighting and will never go back to dim yellow lighting. I can really see the difference and it has reduced my utility bill!!! These light bulbs are also ENERGY STAR APPROVED - so energy consumption isn't much of a concern for these bulbs. They also have other products for homes. I'm planning to review all...
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