Fronius IG 5100

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Fronius IG 5100

Features: * Lightweight only 41.8 lbs. (19 kg) makes them easy to install * MIXTM Concept allows your system to output more energy under part-load conditions * Integrated DC/AC disconnects reduce time during installation and costs * Large LCD display comes standard * High Efficiency * Plug-and-Play: Expansion slots in the inverter allow you to easily upgrade the inverter with a complete data communication solution. * Maximum Power Point Tracking accuracy of 99.9% Basic Electrical Features: * Peak Efficiency 94.4% * CEC efficiency* 94.5% * Recommended PV Power 4000 – 6300 Wp * Operating DC voltage range 150 – 500 V * Max AC Power 5100W @40°C * AC Operating voltage 240V Available at

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