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Frigidaire Gallery Series GLTF1670AS I.E.C. Front Load Washer


Pros: Does decent and efficient job.

Cons: Have had it seviced twice in 4.5 years - Better get the extended warranty.

We bought this machine in 2001at hhgregg for $633.56.  The salesman said this machine has proven to be a real workhorse.  Maybe for his commission portfolio - lol.   It does a decent and efficient job of cleaning clothes and is quiet running.  But it has been problematic.  Fortunately we got the 5 year warranty at an additional $99.99.  Normally I don't go for these extended warranties. 


The first problem was the front door leaking which rusted out the front bottom panel.  In that case, they had to replace the front door and they did also replace the rusted panel at no charge.


Now the drum has become very noisy and we noted that the front bottom lip of the top panel is rusted and the paint is bubbling and swelling at that point.     The service man said the drum will have to be replaced because the bearing in the back is defective.  He will return when the part arrives.   "The warranty contract does not cover rusting under any circumstance" he said.


If you plan to do your own maintenance, be prepared to shell out big bucks for parts.  In the old days, just the bearing could be replaced.  Now, the bearing is an integral part of the drum.  In the old days, just the door seal could be replaced.  Now, It's the whole door.    Apparently, the machine was built to be disposable.   But that's not how I intended to spend my disposble income.  


There are only two in our household.   We run full loads.  We expected this machine to last 10 years or so - like our Kenmore top-loader did.  That one was still running but shook the whole house and never could get it balanced.   Also the Kenmore basket holes rusted and rusted our cloths.  They sent us a double-dipped (paint) basket that was no better.


Our warranty is about to run out.  Now what?


By the way, this is a neat web site.  I liked that I just googled the model number and the site popped up.  


Will update this when service is completed.    





Pros: Cleans better, with less water

Cons: none

 We purchased this washer (and the matching dryer) over 10 years ago. It's been very reliable for us, with just one repair visit to replace a minor part.

We like the fact this washer cleans well, and handles large loads without problems. (My wife likes to stuff it full. This used to unbalance the old top-loader)  It's also always been gentle with our clothes.


Pros: Water Saving, Economical, High Efficiency

Cons: Loud, not terribly reliable

We bought this washer and dryer set in early 2004 from HH Gregg for $870, which makes it about 5 years and 5 months old.  Just barely out of its 5 year warranty.  We have a second floor laundry room and the washer sits in a water pan so that any leaks won't cause major damage to the house.


The washer has always been loud during the spin cycle - really loud.  We thought it was out of balance from day 1, but the installer assured us that it was fine and it was the washer pan that was the issue.  He said that washer pans always cause a little bit of vibration.  We had our builder come out and look at the washer pan, but they assured us that it was anchored in properly.  So, we have just lived with the noise. 


Two weeks ago I started noticing black dots on clothes.  My husband and I thought that maybe some mulch from his clothes got into the load and maybe the dye from the mulch had settled inside the drum.  So, I ran a load with an Affresh tablet, which is supposed to clean everything and keep the washer smelling good. 


The next load came out clean, but there was water in the pan.  Not a good sign.  Water is not supposed to leak out the bottom.  Good thing we have that washer pan now, even if it has been the reason that the washer was loud.  The next load was COVERED in oil.  Not just dots, this time there were splashes.  The clothes are ruined.  My husband didn't believe me (apparently oil stained clothes are not enough evidence), so he ran another load.  No oil this time, but there was about a half inch of water in the pan beneath the washer again. 


The repair man is coming today ($87 service call just to give me an estimate).  My guess is that this repair will be more costly than it's worth.  We'll see.  Granted, we bought the least expensive front loader model...but it was more expensive than a lot of top loaders.  It should not die after 5 years. 


Pros: Quiet, Lots of wash options, good deal

Cons: Doesn't clean cloth diapers as well as I had hoped

Recently purchased washer and dryer for $900 for the set.  So far so good.  I really like its styling.  Its not fancy like some of the LGs but it got great reviews from Consumer repots and we found a good deal.  It doesn't clean our cloth diapers like I was hoping it would but I think that may be asking a lot.  I like it.  Its energy star rated and uses low water which is nice since we have two little ones.  I think its a great option for some one who is looking for a middle ground between something cheap and something fancy.  No leaking yet although I have heard that complaint before.  What ever you get make sure its level and opt for some sort of water-tight pan to put it in if it is a concern of yours.  Good luck and happy hunting, Q.


Pros: Nice while it lasted

Cons: Didn't last

We had 2 repairs in the first 3-4 years, a broken shock absorber that led to shaking during spin cycle, and an electronic repair. Now its broken again, this time the spring holding up the main drum failed, causing damage to the motor. The cost to repair is about the same as the cost of a new one.

Definitely buy an exended warranty with this one, I wish I had!

Frigidaire Gallery Series GLTF1670AS I.E.C. Front Load Washer

Even the biggest laundry items get squeaky clean in this energy efficient washer. Works hard to get your clothes clean, but the Sound Silencer Plus quiet package means you'll never hear it washing.

Energy Star QualificationYes
Depth29.25 in
Height36 in
Width26.75 in
Warranty1 year warranty
Water Use (Normal Cycle)
Additional FeaturesEnd of Cycle Signal,Fabric Softener/Dispenser,Manual Cycles
Quiet Operation
Water Levels
Temperature Levels2
Load TypeFront Loading
Volume Capacity3.1 cu. ft
Energy Consumption351 ohm(s)
Touchpad ControlsNo
Modified Energy Factor (MEF)
Annual Water Use (Gal./Year)
Water Factor
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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