Frigidaire GLEQ642AS2 Dryer Reviews


Where O' Where Has My Frigidaire Gone?


Pros: Dependable, Quiet, Efficient, Large Load Capacity

Cons: Seems to be Obsolete...should that surprise me?

I can't even find a picture of my heavy duty, moisture-sensing dryer, but parts are plentiful. I have a B&B; the laundry is off the Gathering Room. So, its important to me that my dryer can tumble away in silence, without drawing attention away from the ambiance of candles, music, and a crackling fire in the next room....I've had it for several years and have zero complaints. It stacks on top of my Frigidaire Energy Star Washer (FTF530ES1 (450.00)). Another, true blue, heavy duty appliance with large load capacity.