Frazer 3- Tier Clothes Drying Rack Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best drying rack


Pros: can hold a lot of clothes or towels

Cons: larger towels can be too heavy for 1 rung

We don't have an outside clothes line or drying area and we were looking for something that we could use to reduce or dependence on the dryer and also to dry our delicates and sweaters.   We have had this for at least 5 years now and I love it.   The only negative is that our bath sheets are a little too heavy for the individual rungs.   Everything else can be dried on here easily. 

The Best Drying Rack Ever!


Pros: Opens and rolls easily, folds conveniently for storage, shelves fold down for airing of long items

Cons: None

 I LOVE THIS DRYING RACK! I can load it with clothes and easily wheel it around. It folds up so nicely and so I can store it easily out of the way. I love that the racks are adjustable so if you have a longer towel or garment it will hang. Sturdy wire shelves. Great for apartment, dorm, vacation home. It is very sturdy and don't forget, you get what you pay for . . . I also paid $13.99 for shipping. Well worth every penny.

Negative Reviews


dont like it


Pros: none

Cons: very confusing

i don't like this process at all I just want to order the clothes rack