2008 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD Reviews


Very satisfied with Ford Escape Hybrid


Pros: Great gas mileage for an SUV, roomy flat cargo area

Cons: Not as quiet a vehicle as I'm used to

I bought this to replace a Lincoln Navigator. I had some concerns that the 4 cylinder engine would not be powerful enough for long highway trips, steep grades, etc. but these proved unfounded. The engine is a bit noisy if you need to step on it to accelerate rapidly but one gets used to this. If I drive carefully and try to economize fuel, I can easily get 31 mpg or even more. If I drive without any particular effort to conserve fuel, I still get over 29 mpg, even with a lot of high-speed freeway driving. I'm a climber and I like the fact that the rear seat folds flat to create an area that I can sleep in (diagonally) even though I am 6' 5" tall. The vehicle is less well sound insulated...
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A Great American Hybrid


Pros: Excellent fuel economy, a lot of interior space, extensive information feedback, high reliability

Cons: Limited battery power, interior finish could be upgraded