2006 Ford Escape Hybrid


Pros: Many

Cons: Few

This is one of the best buys in America.
You can get $60,000 of enginnering in a $30,000(or less) vehicle.

With some talented driving and a few add-ons, I can get 54 MPG in a 4,000 pound SUV. That's not a typo, 54 MPG in city driving is more than possible.
This SUV really shines below 40 miles per hour when the electric motor does most ( or all ) of the work.

At highway speeds, the gas engine does most of the work.
You can expect 40 MPG at 55 MPH, 34 MPG at 65 MPH, and 28 MPG at 75 MPH!

Not bad! I'd say that is very, very good! Wouldn't you?
-John ( a very happy owner )


Pros: If you need one, this is the best mileage

Cons: Only gets roughly 27 MPG

I actually don't own this car, but often drive my girlfriend's around and up to Tahoe. It's got pretty impressive pick up, lots of room to store bikes, skiis, and a girlfriend. It's almost as if you're not driving a hybrid at all. As far as being eco-efficient, this is not your best bet. However, if you must own an SUV this is the most friendly car you can get. Go Escape!


Pros: fuel efficient for an SUV, tons of space but easy to park

Cons: cannot compare to the MPG of a prius or other sedan hybrids

I am the owner of the aforementioned Escape and I have enjoyed the car more than I had anticipated. When searching for a new car, I was looking for an environmentally responsible vehicle with the interior space of an SUV - and I found it. The most remarkable part of the Escape is how easy it is to park in San Francisco, which is already a feat in itself. Even though there is more trunk room (with flip-down seats), the care is actually shorter than my previous Volvo and can easily fit into even the trickiest spaces. With 4WD, great pickup and an intelligent dashboard (that not only tells you when your liftgate is ajar but also let's you monitor the fuel efficiency of your driving),you can take this car anywhere, full of anything.


Pros: Excellent gas mileage!

Cons: Still depends on gasoline engine.

I love my Ford Escape Hybrid! It gets great milage and it moves out when I want it to. I only wish I could adjust the amount of time it uses the electric motor.

I especially enjoy the knowledge that, when I am breaking, I'm generating electricity that will help me get going again.


Pros: Great gas mileage, fits family of 4, reliable, cheaper than most hybrid suvs

Cons: with car seats 4 people is max! small load capacity, no towing

We bought this car when we had just had our first child and it is wonderful. I insisted on a hybrid and we ruled out the Toyota for price reasons and we've been very pleased. Even more so that gas prices are on the rise so rapidly! We do wish we'd added a couple more unnecessary items (DVD, sunroof) just because we would enjoy this car that much more. We've had one issue with the tire sensor (one tire blew and apparently the sensor went with it) but no major mechanical issues, no issues at all regarding the stability of the vehicle itself. I wish it would hold more or when we need to bring an extra person along that we had the room. My husband thinks he wants to sell it at 100,000 miles because that's when the battery (major battery) warranty ends but I'd be hard pressed to sell it! Way to go FORD!

2006 Ford Escape Hybrid

The Ford Escape Hybrid is a compact sport-utility that offers comfortable seating for four and plenty of space for stuff. The hybrid version includes gas/electric engine technology to conserve power. The Escape Hybrid and Hybrid 4WD are equipped similarly to the Limited models. It is fitted with a 2.3-liter gas engine with an electric motor. The rear cargo area offers 69.2 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded down. Side-impact airbags are optional, and are part of a Safety Package that includes Ford's Safety Canopy rollover protection system. Pretensioners combined with load-limiting retractors are standard on front-seat belts. For 2006, the Ford Escape Hybrid's lineup has been broadened.

Engine2.3L I-4 133 HP
Additional FeaturesAvailable with 4WD
Fuel Economy Hwy (MPG)29-31
Fuel TypeHybrid-electric
Fuel Economy City (MPG)33-36
Body TypeSUV
Release Date
Release Status
Top Speed
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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