FOF Bottles Stainless Steel Water Bottles Reviews


FOF Bottles


Pros: Style, shape, price, quality

Cons: None !

We like the style and shape of these FOF Bottles.  They're different from the regular straight side ones you mostly see out there.  They're easy to hold with the curved sides.  These bottles are the same quality as all of the popular stainless steel ones out there, but at an affordable price -- which is important to our family also. 

1st Review at Green Home !


Pros: Wide mouth opening, ergonomical design, 304 stainless steel bottle, reusable, nice brilliant finishes

Hi folks.  Thank you for taking the time to check out our stainless steel water bottles. From the time we created the very first FOF Bottle, our goal was to provide a high-quality product that's healthy for us, healthy for the environment, easy to hold (for little hands too) and at affordable prices for families.  We believe we've accomplished all of these with our FOF Bottles.  We hope you take the time to visit us at Have a great day! The FOF Bottle CompanyMaking the world a little brighter ... 1 bottle at a time