Fly Bo 6000-2 Low Speed Vehicle Reviews

Positive Reviews


I own a flybo


Pros: never pumping gas

Cons: none

I own this car and I have to tell you i LOVE it, it's even great in the snow too. I bought mine for $8500 brand new! If your looking for one see this site

Negative Reviews


hybrid cars

Cant imagine how these new cars would invade the market in the future. They are like toy cars. If you are looking in to getting a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle, then you could look into a Scoot Coupe.  The Scoot Coupe is a very small, three wheeled vehicle – it seats two, has a four stroke, single cylinder engine that comes in 50 and 150cc sizes, that is capable of up to 50mph and gets 70 miles per gallon plus.  It goes for less than $10,000.  It's made by Panther Motors, located in Florida.  The Scoot 150cc version will require owners to have a motorcycle license, but the 50cc doesn't.  The Scoot Coupe lists for $6599 at most, more than a few paycheck loans, but far cheaper than a...
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