FluffyCo Mini Wallet


Pros: Sturdy, beautiful print, not too pricey, fits easily in a pocket, has three compartments

Cons: I don't own the owl one...

The other day I was out and about in San Francisco...for a long time, I've been saying I need a little wallet or protective covering for my bus pass (and for some cash when I don't feel like bringing my mundo-wallet or a bag).  And lo and behold!  I found a FluffyCo Mini Wallet.  When I saw them lying there on the table...I had to have one.


The mini wallet is great.  It fits perfectly in my back pocket.  It has one clear pocket which is ideal for my bus pass (that way I don't have to take it out every time I get on the bus...and I don't risk demagnatizing it).  It seems quite sturdy.  And it's so pretty!  My wallet is grey with little silver trees on it.  It was hard to choose...


When I say the con is I don't own the owl one...I mean online they have one printed with three owls.  And I want that one too.

FluffyCo Mini Wallet

Perfect for going out, this wallet has 2 interior pockets (one of them clear), and an outside pocket. Fits your ID, some credit cards, and a little cash. Screen-printed on Naugahyde in sunny California. FluffyCo makes nature-inspired, useful things in a sustainable way. We love art, design, good friends, and the life here in beautiful San Francisco, California. This is where we do business. FluffyCo produces our basics and accessories domestically-- a lot of it right here in the Bay Area! Domestic production limits the tremendous toll of shipping on our environment and keeps jobs here to keep communities strong. FluffyCo always tries to source materials and labor as close to home as possible. We work with other small and family businesses whenever we can. We are trying to start something here, and we hope you like it. Our wooden wall hooks & bottle openers are screen-printed by hand in our Mission studio using water-based materials. We love to get our art on and stop clicking every once in a while. These simple, graphic pieces are made in small batches and limited quantities. Coming in September- our new Premium apparel line focuses on higher-end Eco-friendly and organic fabrics, water-based inks and alternative printing processes. Available in a limited, post-punk palette, this is a great new direction that we have been working towards. Debuting at the Fall shows. AND Look for our print series coming in the fall, as well as many new mini wallet, bottle opener, and belt buckle designs.

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