Fleury Fleur de l'Europe Brut Organic Champagne Reviews

Fleury Fleur de l'Europe

This bottle of organic champagne turned out to be rather more than I had hoped. Upon receipt of my gift from Amanda Webb at Feelgood Organic Hampers <http://www.feelgoodhampers.com/index.htm> I discovered that this is also biodynamically produced. Regarding the champagne itself, regardless of its origin, it was tasted on Christmas Day and boy did we have a nice surprise. My Mom, who isn't really into champagne described it as being the nicest champagne she'd ever tasted and that she would certainly be buying more of the same for special occasions. Although described as Brut this champagne was not overly dry; nor was it sweet. It was just perfect! Unlike many champagnes which I have...
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Very pleasant biodynamic champagne


Pros: Biodynamic, clean taste, very pleasant

Cons: A little pricey

Fleury Fleur de l'Europe is definitely one of the only organic (and in particular biodynamic) champagnes.  Needless to say, you can only really compare it to non-organics.  It's not especially dry, but it's also not too sweet (a big step up from Andre).  It's got a bit of a citrus/fruity taste which is pleasant and not too overpowering.  It could have a little bit more bubble.  It's got a nice aroma, good color, and clean finish.  It's not quite Veuve Clicquot, but I enjoyed it and I'd certainly get it for a special occassion.