Figamajigs Bite-Sized

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I had these and the quality of the chocolate is pretty good, they're chewy and overall pretty tasty, but the problem is that the chocolate overwhelms the delicious figginess. I'm a huge fan of just plain figs and I think I was hoping to get more of that taste.


If you're just looking for a sweet, all-natural snack - these are fine, but if you want figgy goodness, maybe you should just get some figs.


 Totally delicious way to satisfy chocolate cravings, PLUS get some fiber and antioxidants from the fig inside.  It mainly just tastes like slightly chewy chocolate pieces, but there is some extra deliciousness (in the form of subtle flavor) from the fig center.  They're really good.  Only gripe: it's pretty expensive for a small pack (each 1.41 oz. pack is definitely individually sized).

Figamajigs Bite-Sized

Fig, cocoa and dark chocolate all bundled up into a tender morsel for your popping pleasure. On average, you get 22 bite sized pieces in a bag. How many actual bites that makes is entirely up to you!

Additional FeaturesAll natural; low fat; high in fiber and antioxidants; zero hydrogenated oils, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup
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IngredientsFigs, dark chocolate (sugar, chocolate liquor processed with potassium carbonate, cocoa butter, butter oil, soy lecithin, pure vanilla), cocoa, sugar, rice flour, invert sugar, natural flavor, cream of tartar, canola oil, salt.
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