Feit 23w Daylight 100 CFL bulb Reviews

Positive Reviews


Response to GanadoRH

Dear GanadoRH, I am a company representative and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this matter with you personally. Can you please email me directly at jay@feit.com? Thank you, Jay

Great for the Laundry Room


Pros: BRIGHT white light - find stains

Cons: May be too bright for other parts of the house.

Great light for the laundry room, you can find stains you normally wouldn't be able to find with a lower wattage light. Comes on instantly. Worth the extra cost (was more expensive than Wal-Mart lights). Bought via mail order

Very bright and economical


Pros: cheap, bright daylight color good for reading

Cons: light might be too "cold" for some people

I bought a four pack of these for $10 at Walgreens to replace my incandescent bulbs in the living room. The first impression of the light was that it was unusual since I am used to the warmer incandescent light. But soon enough I got used to it and realized that it is great for reading as well as crafts - pretty much everything where you need to see detail and natural colors. It is much easier on the eyes. However, it might not be appropriate for all rooms, especially if you want a warmer light. These are quite bright too, since they are the equivalent of a 100w bulb. I have also noticed that when I take pictures I do not need to adjust my camera's setting to get photos with natural...
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Negative Reviews


Beware of use site when purchasing


Pros: Bright, better color temperature than incandescent lights

Cons: Heat buildup can drastically shorten life, mercury dispersal if broken while turned on

I've experienced failures of over a dozen of these before I figured out what the problem is. If you put these into the below-ceiling-fan mounted fixtures with glass "tulips", the heat buildup on the electronic ballast at the base of the lamps (since the bulb is base-up inside the cup of glass shielding)causes failure within 6 months. My only solution (ugly and dangerous) came from removing the tulip glass shields and putting just the bare bulb below the fan. This exposes you to mercury poisoning if you break the bulb while it is turned on and looks awful. But after removing the tulips I now have lots of light in my computer room. I don't know what we're going to...
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Also, Experienced Horrible Life Span with Feit CFL


Cons: taller than standard bulb and won't fit fixture, won't last more than a few hours

I too, recently purchased (8) Feit CFL 23W "dimmable" twister bulbs thinking that I was going to save energy.  After only several hours of operation, (4) have already burned out.  They give off a awful smell, especially when dimmed down low.  The company blames it on the dimmer that I am using, yet won't offer any info as to which dimmer to use.  They also put blame on my non-venting fixture, holding too much heat, burning out the ballast...though, the base is downward and the glass globes don't get hot like the incandescent bulbs that I used for 30 years with no problems.  The package says, "Works with most dimmable switches".  I contacted Lutron and they don't recommend these particular...
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Horrible Life Span


Pros: Daylight color

Cons: Short life span

I bought 8 of these bulbs about a year ago and have used them for about 3-4 hours a day (the anticipated use rate for the guarantee).  They were used in locations where heat build up was not a problem.  So, far 4 have burned out.  I have saved them and plan to return them to Walgreens for a refund.  From now on I'll buy only from a reputable company such as GE.

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Feit 23 TM/D or Feit TM


Pros: Feit TM has 2700K frequency and is warmer, closer to incandescent than the Daylight

Cons: Feit Daylight is too green blue tinged, a bit depressing

 I unfortunately bought 2 Feit 23 TM/D bulbs with 6500K frequency that were marked Daylight. I put one in a glass orb fixture and other in an open hood directing the light upward. The light was not like daylight at all but cast a green blue tinge over the room. Very ugly and depressing as a grey prison. I had a different Feit bulb marked TM, not the Daylight and it was warmer, closer to the warmth of incandescent bulbs. I have to now make sure I don't get the daylight CFLs but only get the Feit TM warm. Beware of CFLs marked Daylight.