Feit 18w EcoBulb® Twist CFL Light Bulb Reviews


Super cheap and great lighting


Pros: Inexpensive

This brand tends to go on major sale at common retailers like Walgreens and Safeway, which makes it extremely accessible to lazy shoppers like me. At prices that cheap it's impossible to find an excuse to not use eco-friendly lighting.

A Great Bargain in Bulk


Pros: Excellent value; bright as incandescent

Cons: Like all lamps they still contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury, but these are lower than most

These were available at my local Costco and like most items at Costco were sold in large quantities (6 pack). This was perfect because I wanted to replace all my bulbs in one swing. I bought one box of these (18W = 60W) and one box of the 28W (=100W). Being unfamiliar with these types of bulbs I was a little upset when I turned my first lamp on and it appeared quite dim. However, once it "warmed up" it glowed as bright as the replaced incandescent bulb. They've been installed for several months now and my much lower electricity bill has been the best side-effect!