ExfoliShave, All natural 3-in-1 Shaving Product Reviews


LOVE this product!


Pros: works great, even cleans the tub!

Cons: expense

I ablsolutely LOVE this product!  I was without it for a few months and noticed that my legs were beginning to get that "alligator" feel.  I thought maybe it was the unusually cold weather here for Florida, or maybe just plain old aging.  But when I got my jar on Friday, I noticed the very next day that the skin on my legs has that polished feel again.  I hope to never be without my jar of Exfolishave again!  It also keeps the tub from having that awful soap scum and keeps my (not-disposable) razor whistle clean!

Changed my world


Pros: # Smooth, supple legs. # Eliminates blemishes, ingrown hairs, and razor burn even in the bikini area. # Replaces exfoliants, harmful shaving creams

This product changed my world. I am so against the harmful ingredients in most shaving creams, and I always had a problem with ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini area.  I found this product at a local spa and I have had smooth, healthy skin ever since.  Highly recommended.