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Evolve ShowerStart Roadrunner Showerhead


Pros: easy installation, 1.59 gpm, water pause feature

Cons: none of yet

Installed a much more expensive 1.75 gpm showerhead in our main shower and put this one in the guest bath and it works just as effectively.  Has good water pressure compare to our old shower head, I hardly notice the difference.  Installation is as easy as screwing off the old one adding some plumbing tape and screwing on this one.   Has the auto pause feature so when you turn on your shower  as soon as the water comes up to 95 degrees it pauses to a trickle until you pull on the lever and it is back to normal.  This is good if you are one of those people who turns on the shower and does other things as you wait for the water to warm up.   The only drawback to this is if you hop in the shower before it is 95 degrees it will shut off on you until you pull the lever to resume.    Affordable, low 1.59 gpm, we have been pleased so far.
Evolve ShowerStart Roadrunner Showerhead

Designed to delight it won’t feel like you’re saving nearly one gallon of water every minute you’re in the shower. And with its integrated ShowerStart™ technology you’re conserving water while your shower’s warming too. Add it up and the Roadrunner saves about 8 gallons of water for every 5 minute shower.The Road Runner eco-friendly 1.59 gallon per minute showerhead offers a new way to warm up your shower without wasting water. Mornings are busy for everyone! We often start the shower, and in waiting for the water to warm up, we run around trying to get other things ready for the day. With this showerhead, you no longer have to start your shower and wait impatiently for the water to warm up, putting your tester big toe in to check the temperature. This showerhead has a built-in ShowerStart technology sensor that senses when the water is warm enough to shower. When you turn on your shower, it senses when the water reaches normal bathing and showering temperature (95 degrees) then “pauses” the flow of water, retaining instead of wasting your hot water. You will hear the water stop running and know your shower is ready. When you are ready to get in, jump in and turn the valve to resume water flow. With the showerhead, you can conserve water and energy without sacrificing comfort. Why spend money to heat up water that is wasted down the drain? Instead, you can save water and cut your energy bill too. Unlike other low flow showerheads, these nozzles won’t chill the water by mixing in ambient air. You will save about 8 gallons or water for every 5 minutes you shower – saving you more than other low-flow showerheads. It is estimated that with this showerhead, a family of 3 will save more that $230 on utility bills and more than 7,600 gallons of water per year. The showerhead will pay for itself in less than 3 months, and doing your part never felt so good. $230 yearly utility savings* 7665 gallons yearly water savings* 2 months payback time* *estimate

Additional FeaturesStandard spray pattern
Flow Rate1.59 GPM at 80 psi
Material solid brass fittings & ABS body
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
roadrunner standard showerhead - chrome polishSS-2104CP-US


See the Evolve Roadrunner in action with its trickle/water saving senor

Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Eco Friendly Home › Plumbing Fixtures › Showerheads › Evolve ShowerStart Roadrunner Showerhead