Every Man Jack Shave Gel

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Pros: No smell

Ive been using the sensitive skin shave gel for the last week or so and its become my new favorite shaving gel. I usually use Gillette and they have a fragrance free shaving cream that still has a little bit of a smell to it. This Every Man Jack fragrance free shaving gel is exactly that, fragrance free. I hate having my face smell like a bunch of chemicals and, lets be honest, no one wants to smell super musky, its gross.

I haven't had any probems with breaking out or anything like that with this gel. Also, it lathers really realy well, and a little bit goes a long way. It doesn't dry my face out which is a surprise cause usually my face dry's out after my daily shave. So now I can use less of my face moisturizer which is saving me money.  All in all, get this shaving gel, try it, and enjoy!!!!!

Every Man Jack Shave Gel

Every Man Jack shave | dermatologist approved will this help me shed pounds? Only if you count stubble. Meanwhile, this rich gel formula comforts and protects your face for a close shave, while the soothing formula hydrates and heals your skin. Leaving skin looking fresh and healthy. Proof, please. Menthyl lubricates skin to reduce shave friction, marine extracts soothe and moisturize, aloe + Vitamin E heals and protects, Signature fragrance refreshes, and glycerin helps skin retain moisture. Dye free, stress free. Available in Signature and Fragrance Free.

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