Evergreen Candleworks Silky Soy Moisture Bar Reviews


Amazingly scented silky soy moisture bar for soft skin


Pros: Smells amazing, works like a charm, unique gift too

Cons: Not 100% organic

This silky soy moisture bar comes in many yummy flavors- Soft Amber, Vanilla Pear, Citrus Basil, Brown Sugar & Fig, Wildflower, Sensue’l Vanille. I tried the Vanilla Pear bar. This is a lotion bar. It' solid, so you rub it on your skin. Eco facts: Made with 100% natural soybeans and enhanced with botanical oils. Soy is biodegradable and 100% vegetarian with no beeswax or petroleum added. Soy is pesticide free, herbicide free, and these soy bars are never made with Genetically Modified Materials. Evergreen Candleworks uses 100 % wind power to make their products. There's a company recycling program in place and recyclable packaging is used for products. Soy lotion bars come in...
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