Ergo Baby Carrier


Pros: easy to clean, easy to get on and off, comfortable, versatile, durable, healthy position, weight on hips not shoulders, comfy, portable

Cons: pricey (but WELL worth it!), no forward facing front position

I didn't want to give up running and hiking with my toddler in a carrier BUT he is only a couple pounds away from the 32lb limit on our carrier.


I looked into carriers and the one with the best reviews for comfort and etc that is a toddler carrier too (goes up to 40lbs) is the ergo. But these things are EXPENSIVE!!!


So I sold a couple diapers and cashed in some $$$ from a survey site I do and came up with enough for an ergo :) I went looking on diaperswappers (which had great prices but I never got to them in time) and ebay where I came across a brand new in package ergo buy it now for $100 and free shipping () from a seller with 100% positive feedback out of thousands.


It came about a week later :)


There's a couple pictures we took before a family walk in the picture area.They aren't really great ones of the carrier, but you can see that it fits and adjusts amazingly well for my porker toddler :) I really like the feel of it, it does put some weight on your shoulders, but you can feel that the majority of it gets centered onto you waist and hips so it doesn't strain your back like so many of the carriers do. I am really pleased with this and glad we bought it :)


I wish there was some way to do a forward facing on the front, but Trisitan doens't seem to mind like I was worried he would, he just turns is head and looks out the side and hasn't complained. I've tentatively tried the back position (we are both use to a frontward position), but haven't really taken him out for long in that position, but maybe next time we go hiking :)

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Ergo Baby Carrier

Commanding superior ratings, the Ergo Baby carrier ranks up there as one of the best baby carriers available from baby wearing moms. Described as “the best way to carry a toddler, the Ergo Baby Carrier is designed to hold babies up to 26 pounds. The Ergo Baby Carrier helps moms “comfortably wear your baby on your back, hip and chest.” Easy to leanr and easy to use the Ergo Baby Carrier is “so comfortable you almost forget you are carrying a child.” What’s the difference between the Ergo and the Baby Bjorn? Baby’s “weight is distributed throughout their body,” taking the pressure the hip/groin area. Although the Ergo Baby Carrier can be a bit pricey, take it from our reviewers that the Ergo “has been well worth the money I spent and then some."

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