EO Shampoo Reviews


Good scent and bubbles


Pros: good scents, lathers nicely, concentrated, locally made

Cons: build-up issues

i bought this shampoo knowing that it was a cheaper alternative to some of the more designer shampoos. i was hoping that i could make it my new regular soap, but by the end of the bottle it made my hair look rather meh. the one scent/formulation that seems to work the best for me is the sweet orange. it's a great all around shampoo, great for traveling.

I love this shampoo


Pros: Smells great. Works great. All natural!

Cons: Pretty pricey for a small quantity

 Other than the fact that you pay a lot relative to conventional brands, I'm all for EO Shampoo. I have the Chamomile & Honey fragrance.  I love the shampoo -- lathers and rinses well, smells great.  

Chamomile & Honey prevents swimmer's hair


Pros: smells good, leaves hair clean and soft, available in bulk

Cons: plastic packaging

I swim several times a week - I rotate out hair products, but find that EO's shampoos work really well for my fine, long hair and active lifestyle. The shampoo is very concentrated and I don't need to use as much of it as other products. It smells wonderful and provides a real in-shower aromatherapy experience.