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Positive Reviews


I like this one!


Pros: smells great, does the job, "normal" consistency, not drying

Cons: Hmm...

 I've used this soap a couple of times when visiting my mom's house and I really, REALLY enjoy the scent. (French Lavender) I haven't tried any of the other scents reviewed below but I can say that the Lavender is nice. I find the soap to do a fine job of cleaning my hands (granted I haven't been finger painting or changing the oil pan). I'm actually a bit surprised to read the not-so-favorable reviews below. Maybe they just didn't pull off the other fragrances?? Not sure. I'd say, give the lavender a shot and if you still don't approve, then Dr. Bronner's is definitely a slam dunk.

EO Hand Soap


Pros: Smells Great (Tea Tree)

Cons: A bit pricey

I really like this soap. I am, by and large, a fan of squirt - push soaps than bars, because they are more sanitary. My soap smells great. I feel clean...isn't that what soap's supposed to do? 

Negative Reviews


Not terrible, but not my favorite


Pros: no SLS

Cons: a bit drying, takes a while to wash off

So I've only tried the Lemon & Eucalyptus kind...but it's not really my favorite.  The texture of the soap is certainly just fine (not too runny or sticky or anything) and it seems to do the job.  But this scent...oof.  Coming off of the Dr. Bronner's peppermint hand soap, it's a bit much.  It doesn't really smell particularly lemony or eucalyptusy to me...it's just kind of intense. My other issue with this soap is that my skins feels a bit on the dry side (thinking about it now, I think I've put on lotion after each time I've used it whereas with the Dr. Bronner's kind, I didn't). I do however like that it's naturally antiseptic and doesn't have any SLS.  I may give the rosemary/mint...
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There are much better options


Cons: Doesn't clean well

This soap doesn't seem to do a good job of cleaning my hands.  It's difficult to rinse it all off (so you end up using a lot of unneeded water) and doesn't smell great.  It's not cheap either.  I strongly suggest Dr. Bronners' product instead.

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Doesn't seem terribly effective.

The dispenser spits out a large amount of soap, but my hands don't really feel all that much cleaner after using this stuff. Fragrance is fairly mild.