EO Hand Sanitizing Spray


Pros: Smells nice, not sticky

I'll be honest, I don't really know what "organic ethanol" means, but the ingredients in here certainly aren't as intimidating as a lot of other sanitizers out there. And similarly to why I love the Dr. Bronners, the essential oils smell great.


Definitely doesn't leave my hands sticky or anything - great stuff.


Pros: Natural and organic ingredients, smells nice

I wrote a review of this the other day, but the power went out just before I could hit save!!


In that small space of time between today and the power outage, I have just about finished off my bottle.


I think this product (I have the peppermint version) smells much nicer than the Cleanwell brand I previously bought.  I love the very basic ingredients list.  Like dana, I do not find the spray to leave my hands sticky.  This product really is everything I would want in a hand sanitizer.  I got it as part of the contest prize pack, so I have no idea what the cost was...but I am sure I'll be buying more soon.  I started using the spray not just for my hands, but as a natural alternative to lysol for situations like visiting a public bathroom where someone dribbled onto the toliet seat. 


Pros: Has organic ingredients

Cons: Leaves sticky feeling to hands

I got a free sample at the health food store where I work. I liked that there was organic ingredients used and the scent wasn't overpowering. I did not like the sticky feel it left behind. I felt like I needed to wash my hands after using it.


Pros: yummy smell, good ingredients

Cons: ?

Yummy smell. Ingredients look great. In response to deej ethanol is alcohal, so organic ethanol probably means ethanol produced from organic sugar beets.


This is another product that got lost in the shuffle of the move and I found it the other day shoved under the kitchen sink... go figure. So I tossed it in my coat pocket and have been using it to sanitize grubby toddler hands and faces, carts, toys and etc...


I would probably never purchase this item because it is very easy to make your own homemade sanitizer spray like this from alcohal, water and eos, but that's also a good way to know this product is the real deal. ;-)


Pros: Smells delightful, easy absorption, organic ingredients

Cons: Container is wasteful although still recyclable

I also received the Peppermint Thyme Spray from Huddler as part of a prize pack but, I had previously used the Organic lemon Gel from EO as well.  I enjoy their products, I like the smell...the ingredients...the absorption.  I am also concerned about the packaging however I am not a obsessive hand sanitizer (usually soap and water is good for me) so I find that the product has lasted a very long time which seems to make the packaging a little less wasteful for the amount of time I have had the product.  It is #1 plastic which is recyclable but, I would like to see the company take the next step and start using recycled plastics of some sort.  A good products for a healthy way to sanitize!  Good for a quick clean after holding poopy babies or on those disgusting public toilet seats too!


I had a chance to use this while traveling recently and I really liked it. It dries out really fast and does not leave hands sticky. I really do not like traditional hand sanitizers but this one is a winner! I actually discovered that the lavender smell is so relaxing that I sometimes used it before going to bed or even when on an airplane so I could wind down and get some sleep. Essential oils rock!


Pros: smells great, organic and recognizable ingredients

Cons: wasteful packaging, tacky

I'm just not a hand-sanitizer kind of gal - but when I received this small 2 oz bottle in a prize package from Huddler, it seemed like the perfect sort of thing to keep at my desk.  The organic peppermint version smells great -- I feel like a candy cane.  It soaks in pretty well, though sometimes I do note a bit of tackiness which I don't get with other kinds of gel based hand sanitizers.  Nonetheless, it's a nice product and works well in a pinch. 


I don't think I would bring it with me on a hike or backpacking -- it's kind of a lot of plastic -- the cap wouldn't be that secure on the spray pump. 


Pros: high-quality lavender scent; no sticky residue; doesn't dry hands; not tested on animals

Cons: water-based product, so unless you re-use the bottle (which I intend to), the packaging is wasteful


I've been carrying this in my work bag, and it's been great.  The spray is easier to use than the gels, and doesn't seem to leave any residue at all.  The scent is great--sometimes cheaper lavender oils can have a sharp "afterscent," but this one stays mellow (although you can smell a slight alcohol-y scent when you first spray, it dissipates in a few seconds, leaving your hands smelling like the high quality lavender). 


My main concern is just that this little plastic bottle is a bit wasteful for a liquid product.  Like most essential oils, lavender has natural antiseptic qualities (although obviously not as antiseptic as lavender + the 62% organic ethanol this uses), so when this bottle is empty, I think I'll just fill it back up wtih lavender-scented water.  Unless I can find an EO bulk-refilling station ;)


Full disclosure: I got this for free as a prize from Huddler. 


Pros: Smell, feel, not oily...

Cons: Uncertain of overall effectiveness.

Mainly my Wife and Daughters have been using this spray since we won it thru the Huddler.com contest - wonderful smell of Lavender.  USDA-Organic.  Uses "62% Organic Ethanol" and lavender oil for the santizing process... however, it does not state on the bottle the overall effectiveness (ie: 80%, 90%, 99.9% of germs?) - we can assume it is reasonably effective, but always nice to know.  Anyway - it goes on in a short spray, is not oily, and dries quickly.  The ladies really like the lavender oil's scent - not too strong, is just pleasent.  Definately recommend.


Pros: organic ingredients

Cons: none

I got some of this spray as one of the prizes from the second Huddler contest.  I went hiking and had lunch on the trail this weekend, so I had a chance to try it out for the first time.  The scent is fairly light lavendar - not too strong which is nice.  Unlike organicgal, my hands didn't feel sticky after using it.  It's in a nice small bottle, so it's easy to carry around too.  The main ingredient as I recall is 'organic ethanol.'  The rest of my family used it too, and everyone seemed to like it.

EO Hand Sanitizing Spray

EO Hand sanitizers are the Organic plant based alternative to harsh chemical laden hand sanitizers. * Delivers 62% Certified Organic (Non-GMO) alcohol to sanitize and soothe skin * Convenient travel size easily goes anywhere you do

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