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Environmental Designworks Sink Positive Tank Lid Sink Reviews


Why would anyone have a toilet without one?

Plain and simple, I think the Sink Positive may be one of the best green inventions I've ever used.  After you flush any toilet its water tank refills for the next flush.  All the Sink Positive does is route that refill water first through a spigot (so you can wash your hands with it -- it's clean, just like it comes from the sink!) and then it sends the now "gray water" back into the toilet tank.  I just can't believe how intuitive, simple, and water-saving it is. Actually, most impressive/scary is how much water actually goes into each toilet flush (even a low-flow!).  Whenever I've used this, I always have at least twice as much possible wash time as I need.  Totally amazing and every...
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Works Great, Saves Water


Pros: Works, saves water, makes a good conversation piece

Cons: None

Think about it: every time you flush your toilet the tank and bowl refill with clean tap water. Cleaner than a lot of people in the world have to drink! Here's a great way you can save a gallon or two each time you flush. People sometimes get confused about how this thing works, and think they're washing their hands in toilet water. That is not accurate. What you are getting is water straight from the pipe in the wall. The water goes into your toilet AFTER you wash with it and it drains out the small basin hole. With me? So here's what happens:1) You do your business in the toilet 2) Stand up and flush 3) CLEAN water starts pouring out of the little faucet 4) You wash your hands with...
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Finally got to use the Sink Positive


Pros: great water saving tool, fun to use

The Sink positive was one of the first products we had on Green Home and finally getting to install and use one was a treat. You don't quite realize how much water 1.6 LPF is until you watch it flow through a faucet...2 people are able to easily wash their hands on one's shocking.  If there is any complaint it's that it splashes a little bit of water around, but that's a small price to pay if you ask me. The installation was very fast, and if we had figured out that we needed to cut the drain pipe sooner, it would have been over in 90 seconds. Great product.

Cool device

Great concept.  If money were no object, I'd use these things everywhere -- it's a great way to reduce water consumption.  Leaning over the toilet to wash feels a little awkward, but I'm sure you'd get used to it.  And hey, if you can cut down your water usage by a couple of gallons a day, a little inconvenience is well worth it, right? The $130 price is a bit steep though, especially considering it's just a molded piece of plastic, a simple faucet, and a couple of hoses.

Coolest thing EVER


Pros: Really easy to install, so much water gets reused!

Cons: Splashes a little, a tad awkward to stand over the toilet to wash your hands

Yeah, you think I'm joking but I'm not.  The Sink Positive is so cool.  Deej and I just installed one.  It probably would have taken even less time had we actually read the instructions.  But it's not very complicated.  All you do is turn off the water, take off your existing lid, unplug the tube that goes from the water source to the toilet overflow pipe, twist in the faucet bit to the Sink Positive lid, pop on some tubing, connect a tube here and there, batta bing batta boom, you've got yourself a greywater system! Helpful hint on installation: They mention this on the instruction sheet (which we read part way through after we realized the sink was about to overflow the first time we...
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Was really a useful product, but ...


Pros: No need to go to the bathroom or kitchen any more

Cons: Didn't work on my french toilet

I bought one of these while travelling, having used it by friends.  It was very very useful, and I wanted the same at my home !!! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to install it on my (french) toilet : mecanisms into the tank were soooo different from the one supposed to be in for dealing with sinkpositive. So, I had to look for another one in my country : the WiCi Concept product (see ) appeared to be more expensive, but I was able to install it on my toilet, and it also provided more functions (automatic faucet, soap dispenser).

Everyone should have one


Pros: Easy to install, very simple to use, saves water

Cons: Slightly expensive for the quality

I love this product. It was very easy to install and is easy to use. What a great way to reduce water use. You could potentially eliminate bathroom sinks all together. I got one for my niece and nephew and not only is it the perfect height for them, it reminds them to wash their hands after using the toilet and to think about saving water. My only negative comment is that it is made of rather flimsy plastic (it does adjust to fit your toilet tank) and expensive for what a basic product it seems to be. I still recommend it to everyone and think it is a great idea.
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