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EnviroKidz Organic Cereal

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #10 in Breakfast Foods


Pros: Good and gluten free

Cons: only this one flavor doesnt have peanut in it.

These are very good and ok for me to eat since they are gluten free and mande with natural sweeteners. My son also loves them. I Just wish they made more different flavors that didn't have peanuts in them!


Pros: crunchy, tastes like peanut butter

The first thing that struck me about Envirokids Peanut Butter cereal is that it's really, really crunchy. I've had Kix and many other kinds of similarly shaped cereal, and they all have a tendency to get soggy. Not so with this stuff.


Also, it's delicious, but that's too be expected with most anything peanut butter flavored. Didn't strike me as too sweet, and it's lower in sugar than most "sugar cereals" with organic grains and peanut butter. Good stuff as a periodic treat for kids (and me.)


Pros: crunchy

Cons: too sweet!!!

First bite these taste delicious.  Crunchy, sweet, they don't get soggy in milk.  But then they are just waaaaaaaaaay too sweet.  If you tend to eat really sweet cereals, then I suppose these might be yummy.  They are definitely a good substitute for cereals like reese's peanut butter puffs cereal.  But not for me.


 I used to love this as a kid.  My mom never bought us conventional cereals, and this was the one that was most similar to Kix (as far as I remember).  We used to love it.  Slightly sweetened, very light cereal...nuggets?  Highly recommended if you want something like Kix.  But I didn't find it as filling (as far as getting a substantial start to the day) as other cereals with more fiber, etc.

EnviroKidz Organic Cereal

Product Description Gluten free. No additives or preservatives, low sodium. USDA organic. This product is third-party certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). 1% of the sales of this cereal go directly to help conserve wildlife. One percent from the sale of Gorilla Munch is donated to the Gorilla Fund which send anti-poaching patrols into the woods to protect Kureba (a mountain gorilla) and his family. Product of USA. About the Brand EnviroKidz, which debuted in March 2000 selling organic cereals for kids, is part of the Nature's Path family of brands. One percent of all Envirokidz sales are donated annually to the EnviroFund to help protect endangered species, habitat conservation, and environmental education for kids. About Nature's Path In 1971, Arran Stephens and a business partner opened Canada's first large organic supermarket, LifeStream. Founded on the ideal of serving delicious, wholesome foods grown and processed in harmony with nature, the store soon expanded into milling, baking, making muesli, granolas, alfalfa sprouts, nut butters, energy bars, and wholesale distribution. Within a few years, the LifeStream line had grown to include a wide range of products, including both natural and organic whole grain foods and soy-based vegetarian entrees. The company even published its own vegetarian cookbook, which sold over 125,000 copies. Annual sales at LifeStream reached $9 million, making the line one of Canada’s leading natural food brands at the time. LifeStream sales continued to grow to $12 million, but an awkward partnership led to the sale of the company in 1981. It eventually was acquired by Kraft/Phillip Morris. Then in 1985, Arran and his wife, Ratana, started a new venture christened Nature’s Path, from the back of their natural foods restaurant. The company’s first product, Sprouted Organic Manna Bread, debuted at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, Calif. Organic Multigrain, Multigrain & Raisin, and Millet Rice Flakes were the very first Nature’s Path cereals and remain as popular as ever. By 1989, building on the success of its cereals, the company had grown 800%. To meet demand, acreage was bought and a 54,000 square foot organic processing plant was built in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. This was the first third-party certified organic cereal plant in the world. Later, ten years after starting Nature's Path, the Stephens family purchased back LifeStream from Kraft. Since, the company has continue to expand its facilities and the brands and products it offers--adding waffles, additional cereals, granola and energy bars, flaxseed meal, baking mixes, and more.

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TypeCold cereal or granola
Release Date2006-01-06
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