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Lemi Shine Hard Water Dish Soap Reviews

Positive Reviews


Hard Water Help


Pros: gets glassware sparkling

Cons: none

This product is AWESOME! It has kept the interior of my 3 year old dishwasher looking like it's never been used.   My glasses sparkle and my dishes are super clean.

Negative Reviews

Not Good


Pros: Maybe it's good for glassware

Cons: Did not get dishes clean, had to rewash a lot of items

I am completely unimpressed with this product.  I got it as a free trial and I'm very glad I didn't pay for it.  I followed the directions and used it with Seventh Generation Powder.  Too many dishes had to be rewashed every time.  I'll save it for when I'm just doing glassware.  I do not recommend this prodduct.

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Great product!! This is NOT Soap!!!!!!!!


Pros: gets rid of hard water stains

I love this stuff!  I use it along with dishwasher detergent, and glasses just sparkle, all the haze is gone.I wonder if people who don't have a good opinion of it are using it by itself?  It is not soap, so it would not clean dishes.  Also, using too much of soap or lemishine does not give good results.This works better than white vinegar for hard-water film.

Must be good!


Pros: Non-Greenie Requested

I got this product as a free sample.  Since I don't have a dishwasher, I passed it onto my non-green sister.  She just called me and asked where I got it.  She said that it worked much better than other things they have tried for their hard water.I figure that if a non-greenie liked it, it must be pretty good.  She wasn't just picking it because she thought it was the most earth friendly.  She picked it because it worked the best.

Great lime remover

I don't have a dishwasher but this product has many other uses as well. I diluted some with water in a spray bottle and I use it to remove lime from faucets, sinks etc. It has proven to be very effective (as effective as vinegar, maybe a bit faster) and the scent is not overwhelming, making it easy to use.

Good dish cleaner


Pros: Multipurpose cleaner - can be used for more than dishes!

Cons: Seems challenged with larger loads.

Rec'd this product through the 2nd Huddler contest.  Basically a good dishwasher soap - but we find it not quite as effective as some other brands when the dishwasher is at capacity.  Lemi shine does have other uses - it is effective when used in a mix with baking soda and water in your sink's garbage-disposal, it can be used on shower doors, and others as well. 

Superior Product


Pros: Does what it says, "shine"

Cons: none

I live in Ventura, Ca and the hard water is a problem. I have a fairly new dish washer and no matter what I try, be it, different detergents, rinse agents, nothing would clear up the dullness on my dishes until I tried LEMI SHINE. I as so impressed on on clear my dishes come out now, especially the glasses!!!!!I work in a grocery store and tell customers buying this that they won't be disappointed.Please never discontinue this product. 

The hard water solution


Pros: Gets hard water stains off & keeps appliances from death by hard water deposits

Cons: artificial fragrance

If you have hard water, you should know about Lemi Shine. It works much better than my previous method of coping, which was to add vinegar to my dishwasher, washing machine, et al... Lemi Shine is phosphate free, made of citrus & natural oils. The only not so earth friendly part of it is the added fragrance. It works miracles on shower doors & sinks that have hard water stains-- just dilute a 1/4 of a cup of lemi shine in 13 oz of water & then spray it on & let it sit a few minutes before rinsing with water & wiping off. Added to the dishwasher it will help prevent hard water deposits from forming. Also great for coffee pots, fixture soak & toilets-- pretty much...
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