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Enginer Prius PHEV Conversion Kit


Pros: relatively easy install. +++75 MPG

Cons: poor documentation. nonexistent instructions

Was a pretty easy install. Have had confusing things happen which are not documented. Also having BMS (Battery Management System) issues, which may now be cleared up. Basicly the documentation is not really great. I had to piece together information from the supplied video, the "install document" and on-line user information. (Prius chat...)


For example, no document mentions anything about the EV mode wire. (and the fact that EV mode is included in the switch - you don't need to buy a separate EV switch) I just think someone needs to take an overall look at the product and write it up properly - in English:) no offense to anyone... 


My install still has some finishing pieces to be done but it should be easy to finish up


Otherwise i am happy with 75 MPG or more in blended mode. I sure do wish EV mode was fixed and didn't "pop-out" when going up the smallest little hill. (So I learned that EV mode isn't at all useful for my 7 mile gentle-rolling-hill commute to the office :( Bit of a bummer because the promise of using NO GAS is not a reality, (for my case). I am happy with 50% better mileage however.


Planning on charging every other day (with my 40 my blended mode range) unless I bike to work.


BMS recording of SOC (& other data) into the XLS on the SD card is nice for Excel-obsessed plotting people like me :) I give it a B+ or A- so far but it has only been 3 weeks....


Pros: ease of use, easy installation

Cons: none

I installed the 4kwh system a few weeks ago.  The installation took a Saturday - about 6 hours.  I can see it taking much less time the second time.  There are a lot of revelations that occur while installing.  It pays to put the batteries in the box after it is in the car- otherwise it is very heavy.


Using it is seamless.  I easily get 70-90mpg in real world driving.  There is a learning curve to driving with it.  Each time I use it the mileage improves.  Jack is great with his customer service.  There is a bit of tinkering, but nothing complicated.    As with any new technology there will be surprises.  So far, I'm very happy. 


Pros: Can regen your traction battery when it's working

Cons: Problematic, warranty is parts only. 15 percent restocking fee.



I purchased the Enginer PHEV kit in august of 2009 and had it installed by the owner of the company Jack Chen along with help from some of the best Prius PHEV kit installers Paul from 3-Prong in San Francisco and Eric Powers (EV Powers on Prius chat)


The best mpg I've ever gotten over a tank full of gas has been 60 mpg.  I don't count driving around in a flat empty mall parking lot at night as any sort of real world test.  If you do that on level ground you'll probably get higher.  Mine are real world driving my car, over hills, on freeways at 65 mph, air on if it's over 85 degrees etc.  I also drive like a little old lady to try to max out mpg.  I slowly accelerate leave a comfortable distance from the car in front of me, coast when I can etc.


I regret not trying to get a refund sooner on this kit, but I kept giving it the benefit of the doubt that could be fixed or improved.  Later users may have less problems then I have but it's common for parts to give out and need to be replaced.  Enginer to their credit is excellent about sending out new parts.  If you like to tinker with a non-ending project car, then it might be a good match.  BTW, Enginer does not keep track of why parts went bad,what caused it etc.  There also are no version numbers assigned to the kits.  At some point of either complaints with a part or if they exhaust their supply they may change the configuration so future owners are spared from it.  However, with no version numbers it's next to impossible to know what is in each kit and therefore what to keep an eye on.


There are now many users (over 300) of the kits.  I purchased the 2 KWh version and deeply regret it.  The Prius is a complicated car, if parts are taken off in the wrong order, you'll break their attachment clips.  Whatever you do, only have this or any other kit installed by someone that has experience installing kits on your generation of Prius.  Also, there is more disappointment with the 2 KWh version then the 4, but then again even if you buy the 4 KWh version and in 30 days decide the short comings were glossed over and you want a full refund you'll get hit with a 15 percent restocking fee.  That's a loss of 450.00 on a 3 grand kit plus whatever the cost was on installing, un-installing plus shipping


For low-end kits like this, the market is empty (for good reason) with Enginer filling the void.  If you're lucky and get a kit with no problems installed, you'll be doing great.  Are you feeling lucky?

Enginer Prius PHEV Conversion Kit

Increase Fuel Efficiency by 40-100% Save the Earth and Your Money Long Cycle Life (2000 Cycles) Latest Extremely Safe Lithium Phosphate Chemistry Wide Range of Operating Temperature (-12F to 167F) First PHEV Conversion Kit for both Prius Gen 1 & Gen 2 Vehicle Return on Investment in 2-3 Years Easy Installation in 2-3 hours Starting at $1995

Additional FeaturesRange: 10 Miles (Low Speed EV Mode), 20 Miles (Plugin Hybrid Mode) per charge. Switch back to normal mode after.
Additional FeaturesCharge Time: 3 Hours
Additional FeaturesAutomatic Cell Balancing
Additional FeaturesLow Battery Protection
Additional FeaturesBattery Life Cycle: >2000 Times (80DOD%) > 3000 Times(70DOD%)
Additional FeaturesWarranty: 2 Years
Additional FeaturesDimension: 22 in x 34 in x 8 in
Additional FeaturesWeight: 75 lbs
Additional FeaturesCapacity: 2KWH
Additional FeaturesSixteen LiFePO4 40AH 3.2V Cells in Series (48V Nominal)
Release DateJune 15, 2009
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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