Enfamil Breastfeeding Support Kit Reviews

Positive Reviews


For the cooler


Pros: cooler it comes in

Cons: enfamil not green

This product is free and you have to ask your doctor for it. It's been a while since I got mine so I don't know if it still has this. But the one I got came in this little cooler that was great for sticking a couple bottles into for if baby was going out for a bit without you or for car trips. The cooler is small enough that it was easy to stick it into a larger purse or a half size diaper bag so you didn't have to haul as much around from it's size alone being baulky.

Negative Reviews


Leave at Hospital if Plan is to Exclusively Breastfeed


Pros: Cooler is nice and mine contained a $25 coupon from a baby website(hospital lactation consultant honored it towards a nursing bra!)

Cons: Contains a formula sample(bad if you plan on exclusively breastfeeding)

This kit does contain a nice cooler and nice little nursing booklet. However, it contains a formula sample which could be a bad thing if mother plans on exclusively breastfeeding. I donated my sample and kept the cooler:)