ecospiral 23 Watt CFL


Pros: Lights up immediately, two color temps

Cons: Pay for what you get

I was told this lights up immediately, and it sure does! It's in a three-bulb fixture, and I have to wait a second for the other two bulbs to come on. Plus there's no "warm up" time of dimmer light. They come in 2700K warm white light. There's a two year warranty, which I could have used on my other bulbs, and it has less than 1.5mg Mercury. I don't actually know how much the other ones have, but I understand this is significantly less. Correct me if I'm wrong! It comes in completely cardboard packaging, no nasty plastic to landfill, 99% recycled cardboard. No note on how much is post-consumer content. It also lists on the package a place to learn about dealing with spent bulbs,

ecospiral 23 Watt CFL

Ecospiral is a New Zealand based company producing energy efficient CFL bulbs.

Energy Star QualificationYes
Additional Features
Average Life Hours
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent100W
Bulb ShapeSpiral
Base Type
Available Color Temperature2700K
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC