Energizer NH15-2450 AA Reviews


Pretty good rechargeable AA battery!!!


Pros: Saves $$$, and not adding batteries to the landfills!

Cons: I wish just a tad less expensive.

Our family standardized on the Energizer rechargeables for a couple reasons.  1)  Easily found in AA, AAA, C, D, and 9v versions.  2)  Since they make all the standard sizes (other companies typically do not) and have a whole line of chargers available - it shows us that they are committed to their rechargeable line.  Many other companies just have AA available... Price listed is for a pack of (4) AA batteries. I have been using energizer rechargeable batteries for some time now (a few years) - the 2500mAh previous "model" were OK - still have a number of them.  The newer 2450mAh version seems to hold a charge longer, and last longer when in use.  Not sure why it is rated less "mAh", but...
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There's more juice in a rock


Pros: Hold some charge

Cons: Doesn't hold charge for long

These batteries have not performed well. They take a long time to charge and run out of juice fast. Shelf life of a charged battery is very short, loses charge just staring at it. A comparable example:My sons R/C car that takes 6 AA's lasted for a few days using standard batteries with 10 minute intervals of play time each day, so maybe 30 minutes total usage. With the rechargable batteries, he got maybe 5 minutes, and that 5 minutes didn't even seem to be that charged (as if it started off at 80% capacity). The charging directions were followed, of which it takes about 12 hours to charge them. The last variable will be how many charges do we get out them, only time will tell.