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A Review On: Elements Naturals 100% Natural & Renewable Baby Wipes - 80 ct

Elements Naturals 100% Natural & Renewable Baby Wipes - 80 ct

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Pros: thick, large, eco-friendly

Cons: not easy to remove from packaging

 I found elements naturals baby wipes while searching for eco friendly wipes on the internet. I bought several packs from

 I think I have tried every "so-called" eco friendly baby wipe on the market. These are my favorite by far. What makes them good is the fact that they are somewhat larger than other wipes, and they are pretty thick. What I really like is the fact that they don't have any chemicals in them, and they are manufactured from "annually renewable" plant resources. What this means is that the plant material they are made from grows new every year. That is about as sustainable as it gets. by contrast some other brands are made from organic cotton (a huge waste of water resources), tree pulp (definitely NOT annually renewable). and of course, most are made from oil byproducts. Yuck!

My only gripe is that they are somewhat difficult to get out of the package sometimes, but so are all the other brands that come in a refill pack. (which uses way less plastic than a tub by the way).

I would totally recommend these. My husband even uses them in his shop and when he goes on backpacking trips!


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