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GPR-S Review


Pros: Good looking, nimble, smooth, efficient, simple

Cons: Weak power chord door hinge

All:I took delivery of my new DOT approved GPR-S in November 2008. It's the AC version with 20, 50AH cells. I think it's the first registered in Texas and has the TAG "AC-001". I thought I would introduce it since there are no other owner reviews. The bike is about "250CC" size weighing in at 280 pounds. The frame is made by Tiger in Thailand (which also makes some Kawasaki frames). It comes with a backlited LCD dispay which shows speed, odometer, trip odometer and time. Mine also came with a Curtis Spyglass which also shows speed as well as BDI% (remaining battery), AMPS, Volts, controller temperature, and RPM. Mine has 20, 50AH HiPower LiFePO4 batteries, a Curtis 1236 controller and an...
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Negative Reviews


Electric Motorsports Inc. is a scam !


Pros: Bike looks good to the eye but is a lemon .

Cons: Bike does not deliver what is promised - Electric Motorsports Mamagement is unreliable , has no integrity and does not stand behind their product .

I first came across the Tiger GPR-S on my search for a electric motorcycle online , the bike looked appealing  and the specs seemed very interesting , just what I was looking for . However due to the hefty sticker price I decided to fly across the Country to see the product for myself. I contacted the people at Electric Motorsport Inc. prior to my trip and let them know , what day I was arriving , that I was interested in purchasing one of their bikes but that I wanted to test drive it first before committing to a $ 10'950.-- dollar purchase . My first experience was already worry some. I showed up at their offices and there was no one there . Everything was locked , no one answered the...
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Amazing all-electric motorcycle


Pros: Great performance for its range

Full disclaimer, I don't actually own a GPR-S, I just took one for a test ride. I went over to Electric Motorsports and had the chance to ride an upgraded GPR-S.  The model I took for a spin had an upgraded sepex system with regenerative braking.  It has a bit more performance than the standard model with a bit of a decrease in range.  The great thing about the GPR-S is that they can configure the bike easily for many different tastes.  More performance...no problem. The most incredible thing about the GPR-S is how rider friendly it is.  Since it doesn't have a gearbox or a clutch, there is so little to worry about when riding it.  Basically you just operate a throttle and the brakes. ...
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