eGO Electric Scooter

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There are some positives to owning an electric scooter. Money will be saved in a few ways with the scooter. First, the more you use it, the less you will use your car. If it is used primarily to go only around the city, then the tank in your car will stay filled up longer since stop and go traffic is bad for fuel mileage. The cost to charge versus gas mileage equals out to about 850 MPG. If you go shopping, the trunk can hold about 100 pounds, you can use it for most types of shopping. This is a great device for distances under 20 miles.

There are some drawbacks to using an electric scooter. While you don't have to pay for gas, there is nothing from keeping electricity prices going up. At nearly 2000 dollars, it could be a deterrent depending on your need. You will have to charge it quite often depending on usage. It takes nearly a full six hours to charge, not reliable if an emergency. If you buy any heavier items at the store you will need to use a car.

There are alternatives to the eGO. The X-treme, Go-ped, Zap, and Electrical Vehicle Transportation are all types of electric scooters.

If you live in an urban area where traffic goes at slower pace, the eGO might be something to look into. It will not replace your car. However, if used in conjunction with your can, the price will be able to be made back up fairly quickly. The higher the price of gas the more these scooters will look more attractive. If you don't mind the price and the charging time, than this is the vehicle for you.

eGO Electric Scooter

The eGO Cycle 2LX might be the vehicle for you. The scooter is made by and retails for roughly $1900. The scooter has two speeds, dual suspension and DOT compliant head lights. The charge time is six hours. The scooter can hold a 250 lb person plus cargo and up to 100 pounds in the trailer.

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